About the Team at Rosterworks Employee Scheduling

A calender, calculator, stickies and Glasses for Employee Scheduling

We started building Rosterworks – Employee Scheduling Made Easy, around 5 years ago when we were running several hostel properties and struggling with rising employee costs and complex employment legislation.

In order to stay lean without stifling employee happiness and growth, we needed something better than hand-written rosters and excel spreadsheets.

So we started chipping away at a system that would accomplish all the bits and bobs we needed it to as a medium-sized business with several locations and aspirations to grow. Initially, this was simply an online roster. Over time this evolved into Rosterworks – the ultimate and complete cloud-based HR software system.

We still run the hostels, and continue to use and improve Rosterworks for ourselves and all of our clients.

A man in ski wear on a mountain

Albert has spent over 10 years running hostels and pulling his hair out… in between having a lot of fun…

arno rosterworks online employee scheduling

His taller brother Arno has also spent over 10 years running hostels and bumping his head on doorways… in between having a lot of fun…

Jona staff at rosterworkse mployee scheduling made easy

Jonno is Belgian. He’s mostly been drinking beer and keeping the brothers in line…

A man in a baseball cap with headphones

Nobody knows where Phil has been for the last 10 years… all we know is that he rarely gets up before 4pm and can pretty much fix anything in his sleep…