Rosterworks, employee scheduling Features

Rosterworks has all the features necessary for you to track employee profiles, schedules, rosters, training and more …

An iPad with an information screen for cnline Roster and Rota for Employee Scheduling

Online Roster / Rota:

  • Our entirely customizable roster is built to enable you to build next-week’s roster quickly and efficiently, without making mistakes.
  • Online –employees can see from anywhere, when and in which property they are working for the week ahead.
  • Prepare as many rosters in advance as needed or wanted. Only publish when ready.
  • Import data from previous rosters shift-by-shift to save on HR management time.
  • “Check Roster” before publishing– automatically checks the roster for pre-determined errors.
  • Vacation errors – will not let you roster an absent employee.
  • Make live changes to the roster at any time.
  • Do you share employees across several properties or businesses? Build several rosters on the same page.
  • All employees are emailed automatically to check the roster when it is published.

Timeclock, clock in / out:

  • Can be locked down to the property to ensure employees are on site when clocking in.
  • Customized clock-in or clock-out checklists for any job.
  • Track overtime: Clock-in / out cross-references with the roster.
  • Wages are set per employee and/or shifts: set different wages rates for different shifts.
  • See in real-time who is clocked in, when they started and what they are doing.
An iMac showing time keeping software on screen
An iPad showing who's working on any day using Rosterworks time management software

Who’s working

  • See a live summary who is working in each property / business at any one time from anywhere.
  • See when employees clocked-in, what job they are doing and for how long they have been doing it.

Vacations / Holiday management

  • Employees can easily request and track vacations.
  • View, track and manage vacation requests with ease. The employee is automatically updated by email.
  • Retrieve all annual vacation data per employee for easy accounting.
  • No chance of rostering an employee while he is on vacation by mistake! All approved vacations are flagged when editing the roster.
An iMac showing staff holiday management on screen using Rosterworks software
An iPad Showing a staff profile using Rosterworks management stytem

Staff profiles / Contact details

  • Profile pages, giving contact details, emergency contact details, allergies, birth-dates etc.
  • Easy to manage contract details, wages (salary, monthly or hourly) and progress in the training manual.
  • Track employee performance through the Manager Comments and Employee Review system.
  • Safe and secure access levels.
  • Trying to reach one of your employees? A secure password-protected list of all employee contact details is available at all times.

Training and appraisal suite:

  • Upload and organize your business procedures, philosophy, health and safety regulations, shift information etc.
  • Ensure that employees have read your training manuals – all progress is logged.
  • Customize each training manual for each employee and allow him or her to access it from home.
  • Uploaded training manuals, tables, checklists and images to the training program with ease.
A laptop showing Rosterworks online training and appraisal software
iPad showing online staff vehicle management software from Rosterworks

Vehicle Management:

  • Keep track of company vehicles.
  • Link vehicles to specific shifts, allowing you to track which vehicles are used when, by whom and for what job.
  • See at a glance what vehicles are in use at any one time.
  • Track speeding tickets or other road violations.
  • Remind employees of safety procedures through a customized checklist when checking out or returning a vehicle.

Online Daybook:

  • Online electronic diary / to do list for seamless communication and messaging within and between departments.
  • Maintenance issues and to-do lists, employee notes, shopping lists, lost-and-found notes can be logged, viewed, organised, printed.
  • See a list of pending and accomplished tasks.
  • Keep track of upcoming events.
  • Highlight emergency tasks.
  • Organise your information by department / property for quick-viewing and easy use.
A Laptop showing Rosterworks Daybook, online diary, and to do list software
An iPad showing a software payment management system for Employees

Full Reporting / Pay System:

  • Track and control employee costs and work-times with a variety of useful reports.
  • Hourly and / or monthly payroll.
  • Exceptions rule: Set pay-rates exceptions for specific shifts (e.g. night-shifts).
  • Anomaly report: set a threshold (e.g. 15 mins) and view all clock-in and clock-out mismatches with the roster.
  • Minimize overtime in real-time and prohibit employees from clocking in outside of their shift times, giving you a perfect view and control of employment costs.
  • Complete security – access to information is restricted per user profile.
  • Export reports to Excel.

Customized and secure access

  • Each access level is customised allowing complete flexibility of access from upper-management to front-of-house employees.
  • Designed on a “need-to-know” basis: Choose how much information is available to employees online.
  • Third party security design ensures all your data is safe and inaccessible to anyone without the necessary login details.
An iMac showing a log-in screen for Rosterworks Employee Scheduling
An iPad showing multi-property management software from Rosterworks

Multi-property functionality

  • Designed to be used across a variety of property types: single property, multi-property sharing staff, or multi-property companies with separate staff.
  • Designed for businesses of all sizes: small businesses of 10 employees or less to international companies with properties across different countries and continents.
  • Monitor and manage your employees easily and efficiently from anywhere in the world.

International Functionality

  • See what is going in your business from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Run your business on-the-go.
  • Set different currencies for different countries for the payroll functions.
  • Monitor employee performance in your businesses across countries and continents.
A laptop showing the Rosterworks employee management admin panel with international functionality