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Why Rosterworks? The team!
February 27, 2018
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Rosterworks, how you benefit.

Hands on top of hands, staff management

Rosterworks, how you benefit for small Businesses, whether hotels, hostels, restaurants, or any shift based businesses.

At Rosterworks we aim to offer small and medium sized businesses a product that can manage all of the HR side of the business. The system centralises vital information for the HR manager, such as payroll, scheduling, holiday requests, training and much more, so everyone may benefit. Rosterworks minimises paper lying around the office and helps businesses to streamline their HR processes in a secure way.

Rosterworks also serves as a communication tool between the HR manager and the team. When the roster/schedule is published, employees are immediately emailed. Rosterworks incorporates a holiday request system that tracks all holidays and communication between the HR manager and the team. Training can be set up to complete before employees arrive in the business and as ongoing training.

We believe our product can be useful to businesses of any size, whether small or large.

Building a schedule

A key tool of the system is the ability to build the roster/schedule in a way that saves time and energy. The system will catch mistakes automatically, from people who are on holiday to people scheduled for more than 5 shifts in a row, or hours scheduled above and beyond their contracts. The HR manager can publish the roster which automatically sends an email to all staff members and allows for smooth communication if any changes need to be made.

Clock in and clock out system

The system allows the team to clock in and out for shifts. Details for the shift are ticked off before the shift begins, and reminders can be set before the team member checks out. The clock in/clockout system allows for accurate time keeping. Records that can be kept year on year so that the HR manager knows what the appropriate number of shifts to set for specific time periods.

Tracking holidays

In addition to the roster/ schedule, Rosterworks allows the HR manager to communicate with the team on holiday requests. Each member of the team has a dedicated login, where requests can be submitted and then get logged in the system.

Payroll system

The payroll system tracks all hours and allows a detailed breakdown of hours for any type of contract. The payroll system is currently being updated to comply with all new European legislation. Please feel free to contact us for more information on European data privacy legislation. Information for the accounting department can be broken down in any way needed. A host of reports exist or can be tailored

Training Module for staff

Our training module allows employees to complete training in different areas of the business either before they arrive in the business or as part of ongoing training.

Other modules

The system also allows for a host of other useful functions including vehicle tracking and maintenance schedules. Please contact us for more information if you would like specific information about the system. We can easily set up a quick demo if you are interested.


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