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Rosterworks, how you benefit.
February 27, 2018
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Why Rosterworks? The team!

People placing parts into a jigsaw, for Rosterworks Employee Scheduling.

Why Rosterworks?

Rosterworks was built to manage the team in hospitality across one or multiple sites. Our company was running different types of businesses—hostels, hotels, restaurants, cafes in highly seasonal locations. Rosterworks allowed us to centralise all our HR systems in one place and to be able to keep accurate records both for ourselves and for our staff.

We believe at Rosterworks that whether you are one site our multiple sites, our HR management system can help save time and money and professionalise your business, freeing up time.

We know, because the system runs our business from A to Z.

Professionaling the business

As a hospitality business we expanded to multiple sites. We did not fully understand the challenges or the different type of organisation needed compared with a smaller business, where being on site was enough to keep operations and HR ticking over.

It took a while for the cracks to appear, but with our expansion we realised we had lost he handle on hours, records on contracts, training and support needed to run a professional operation.

We started building the HR management system behind Rosterworks in response to the challenges of our HR department, managing a bigger team with shift based hours and a need to bring a greater degree of professionalism to HR.

Safety first

We know that the most important aspect of a business is to put the safety of staff and customers first. So it’s important to make sure that training is done correctly. It’s important that records of training are kept. Our Rosterworks HR system provides a good training solution for your entire team and logs all important information relating to the safety of the team and guests.

Years in the making

This is a system we actively us and have been refining over many years. We know it can help other businesses, whether hospitality businesses such as hotels, hostels, restaurants, or cafes or other shift based businesses. We know, because we have many businesses using the system. We continue to use it to run our different businesses, and keep improving it over time. We believe the system is as convenient and time saving for the team as it is for the HR manager.


One of the challenges of a seasonal business is going from 0 to 100 mph in a very short amount of time. There is often a high turnover at the beginning of the season which can complicate the enormous challenge of getting a team up to speed. The system allows the HR manager to welcome people into the business in a professional manner and to give them a structured training program. It allows the HR manager to deal with those hectic weeks when the business is in turmoil as it adjusts to the pressures of a busy season.

Time saving

With Rosterworks the HR manager is able to reduce time building the schedule and catch mistakes. The clock in/ clockout timekeeping feature of Rosterworks allows the flexibility needed for the team to record differences to the schedule and explain them. It helps avoid the familiar scenario between the HR manager and staff 2 weeks later you are not all scratching heads to remember why a shift took 15 mns longer to complete (flooding in the restaurant? Group needed help? Cleaning products were missing?).

Demo version

Our team is flexible and responsive and keen to show you all the great features of our Rosterworks HR system. So why not get in touch and we can give you a quick run- down of all its great features, feel free to email us at <a href=”mailto:[email protected]”>[email protected]</a>